pic for blogHello! My name is Antoinette Cea. After graduating from The Catholic University of America, I moved back home to Monmouth County, New Jersey. From here, I plan to show why.

From my experience, New Jersey is often associated with stereotypical images that, more often than not, represent little of the state. Some of these images include:

  1. A pseudo representation of Italian-American culture: “The Jersey Shore,” “The Sopranos,” and loud uncles named either Vinny or Tony who, of course, have Italian horns hanging from their rearview mirror
  2. “You don’t pump your own gas?”
  3. Bruce (I don’t even have to write his whole name)

Yes, it is true. We do not pump our own gas, most of us have an Uncle Tony, and many do worship the ground The Boss steps on. However, New Jersey offers so much more and has something for everyone.

New Jersey, one of the original Thirteen Colonies, is home to beautiful mountains, beaches, and farmland despite what most think. Further, New Jersey has great concert and sports venues, shops, restaurants, and just about everything else you can imagine.

Now, although it doesn’t seem it, I do promise I’m not making a sales pitch for everyone to move here. I think other places in America are beautiful and completely worth visiting. In fact, that’s my favorite part about New Jersey. The comfort of suburbia and its culture is a forty-five minute train ride from the great New York City or historic Philadelphia. Add an extra hour and a half to that trip and you could be in our nation’s capital.

So, stay a while. See what is happening in New Jersey, and everywhere else while we are at it.