Double Feature: “Hereditary” and “Terrifier”

Once again, as many of you know, I like horror… a lot. I recently watched two movies I want to talk about and I urge anyone who likes horror to watch them also. I saw Hereditary on opening night. I was so excited about seeing the film that we got tickets early. The trailer looked terrifying, confusing, and eerie and I was immediately obsessed.  I’ve heard about the second film, Terrifier, for a few months but didn’t know where to find it. Lucky for me, it popped up in Redbox and I watched it last night. 

I wanted to write a review of Hereditary right after seeing it but honestly I needed to digest the material. Do not base this movie off the trailer. Frankly, it revealed very little about the movie and I could not have guessed in a million years what was going to happen while watching. I knew the basic plot: an estranged grandmother with secrets dies and leaves her family to uncover truths. Well, that was all true. But the truths were incredibly strange and demented. I plan on giving no spoilers for this movie. If you’re interested, you need to experience the film for yourself. 

Honestly, I found the end of the film a bit confusing. However, that sort of added to the overall theme of unknowing throughout. I think that was the objective. Hereditary was a very sophisticated film. It was not so much horror as it was terror, and, as per tradition, it grappled with the question of uncertainty and true fear. The directing was absolutely fabulous and utilized techniques to promote a sense of eeriness. Hereditary reminded me a lot of The Witch in its directing style. This shouldn’t be surprising though because it was produced by the same person. 

The second film was a more professional b-rate horror called Terrifier. I am not really a fan of the stock clown character that is popular right now, but Art the Clown was really creepy. Besides his freaky costume and makeup, the thing that was scary about Art was his movement. The quickness of his actions reminded me a lot of the pop-up demon face in The Exorcist. It’s sudden and unexpected. 

I’ve been reading in a few different horror magazine artilces about Terrifier lately and I’m really glad I watched it. It was a classic slasher film:

  • guy in mask who stalks promiscuous females 
  • secluded setting 
  • police force that cannot catch/stop the killer 
  •  final girl 

I didn’t realize this, but Art the Clown is a horror character with a bit of a cult following. I  did not see any other films or shorts featuring him, but apparently they are out there. One of them is All Hallows’ Eve and I will definitely be on the lookout. 

Am I saying these were some of the greatest horror films of all time? No. So many reviews of Hereditary was calling it “the Exorcist of our time.” Let’s not get carried away. But it was intriguing and forced audiences to pay attention. I like artistic movies and it filled that void. I urge anyone who is a fan of the slasher film to watch Terrifier because it was actually scary and not many slasher films are made today. Again, it filled the void. 

As always, I love recommendations. Drop a comment below or email me at with any suggestions. 

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