Red Bank’s 7th Annual International Beer, Wine & Food Festival

Hey, everyone! This past weekend we visited the 7th annual International Beer, Wine & Food Festival in Red Bank, New Jersey. It was honestly a great time, cheap to get in (only $5!), and located right here in Monmouth County.

It was a warm day, so I steadily stuck to some cold Sauvignon Blanc, but the wine selection was pretty vast. There were reds, whites, rosés, etc. Admittedly I’m not much of a beer drinker, but the beer selection was vast, too. And, the beer was cold! I don’t know about anyone else, but there are few things worse than warm beer on a hot day.

Thank you for your sweet and bitter fruits.

The food at the festival was awesome! There were many food trucks to choose from, all offering different selections. There was a crab cake truck, taco truck, and even an ice cream sandwich truck. There were also various lemonade stands, a fresh donut stand, and homemade rum cakes. Honestly there were too many vendors to name them all.


My favorite were the sausage and pepper sandwiches. Everything was fresh, the aroma was heavenly, and the colors of the peppers were beautiful. Danny was a fan of the pork skewers, accompanied by fresh flat breads and homemade Japanese BBQ sauce. OMG.

sausage and peppers

Apart from the drinks and eats, my favorite part of the festival was the presence of local businesses from New Jersey all specializing and featuring different products and services. Many of the food vendors were local, but so were the jewelry makers and small shop owners. NJ Wedding Pros even had a booth, and were so helpful and interested in the guests.

My favorite of all the local vendors was a traveling boutique called “Mana.” The shop, itself, was such a clever concept. The boutique was entirely in a renovated van and sold everything from artisan soaps and clothing, to quirky mugs and gifts.

The owner, too, was absolutely helpful and kind! I would definitely recommend checking Mana out!

Seriously, how amazing is this?

If you’re interested in checking out Red Bank’s festival next year, I would highly recommend it. The festival was also very family friendly and featured a few rides, two stages with live music, a petting zoo, and even a magician for the kids.

Red Bank Festival.jpg

As always, email me with any questions or event recommendations at!

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