Overnight Stay in Gettysburg: Part I

Hello, everyone! It has been over a month since I last posted. Between working, planning a wedding, and everything in between, I’ve had very little time for leisure activity… Until this past weekend! We decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days early so we booked a one-night stay at a bed and breakfast in the town of Gettysburg, PA. My fiancé happens to be from Gettysburg, so we spend a lot of time there visiting his family and enjoying the quirky historical downtown.

Being from Monmouth County, Gettysburg is a great town to visit because it’s not too far away. It’s about a 3 and a half hour ride. Between the historical perspective of the town, the great restaurants, and fun shops, there is something for everyone.

Like any Jersey Shore couple who loves a great breakfast, we left from my house and headed to the Turning Point before the long drive. If you’ve never been to a Turning Point, please go. And order a fresh-squeezed orange juice. I had eggs benedict and Danny had waffles with fresh fruit.

turning point

After our meal, we headed out for real this time. The drive is not bad, especially if you break it up a bit. The half-way mark between my house and Gettysburg is about where the Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA, is located. If you’re traveling with men, that is definitely a place to stop. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of women are shopping there at any given time, but if your beau is a fan of hunting, fishing, or really any outdoor sport, they will love visiting.

When we arrived to town we immediately checked into our hotel, which I would highly recommend to anyone who is visiting! The Brafferton Inn Bed and Breakfast was one of the best overnight stays I’ve ever experienced. The staff is absolutely lovely and helpful. They recommended restaurants, ghost tours, and activities to consider. As a history nerd, I must have asked about a dozen questions to every staff member I met.

brafferton inn

The history of the Inn is actually really interesting. It is technically the oldest deeded house in the entire town, having been built by a tanner named Michael Hoke in 1786. Sadly, however, we did not see any ghosts. Maybe next time?

Aside from the absolutely amazing staff, the aesthetic of the Inn is quite charming. I felt like I was stepping back into a different era of American history while I was there. Each bedroom is different, so every experience is unique. Some have fireplaces, and some even have hand-painted boarders around the walls. Something I really loved was the layout of the Inn. There were mini staircases that led to some of the bathrooms and crooked and angular halls to the bedrooms. The eccentric layout is attributed to the various additions to the Inn over the past few hundreds of years.

inn room

Overall, also, the Inn was not terribly expensive. Plus, it was right in the center of town and everything was in walking distance.

Stay updated because in a few days I will be posting Part II of this series! I will be discussing our dinner at the Dobbin House Tavern, our wine tasting at the Knob Hall Winery, and the breakfast at the Brafferton Inn!

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