Christmas with the Koziars: Koziar’s Christmas Village

kozairs hill scene

Distance from Monmouth County, NJ: 2 hours, 15 minutes + wait traffic

This past Saturday we decided to take a mini trip out to Bernville, PA, and visit Koziar’s Christmas Village for some holiday fun.

danny and i

There is only one word to describe Koziar’s Christmas Village: impressive.

William M. Koziar began decorating his farm for his family in 1948. Now, 70 years later, the Christmas Village is a booming success and rated the top Christmas display in the world by Display World magazine.

The farm is quite large, sitting adjacent to an equally sized lake. Probably the most wondrous moment while visiting was before we even entered the gates. The surrounding area is a very quite rural community, and the winding country roads were very dark. Then, out of nowhere after rising to a hilltop, the valley below was as bright as day, glowing with electric lights for acres. It was truly stunning.

After parking, which was free, we entered the gates for $10 each. Arrows line the winding Christmas trails throughout the farm so patrons are sure not to miss any attractions. To the right of the entrance are rows of gift shops, snack stands, and characters for kids to take pictures with. I highly recommend picking up a hot cocoa to sip and keep your hands warm during your tour!

We started our way through the trails which began in front of the lake (also decorated, of course). Throughout, there were walking tales of classic Christmas stories such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “The Nutcracker,” a Nativity scene, and old farm buildings each decorated as mini houses. My favorite attractions at the farm were the multiple decorated shop windows that peaked into different Christmas scenes. There must have been 50 window scenes, all very ornate, bright, and colorful. A few, for instance, were a bakery with children baking cookies, an Americana-themed post office, and St. Nicholas leaving gifts in a child’s bedroom.


The only downside to the trip was the traffic entering the Christmas Village. Yes, it only took two hours to get to the farm. However, one must include an additional 1.5-2 hours to the drive because the traffic just two miles from the farm is practically standstill.

However, it’s all traffic entering the farm. Kozair’s Christmas Village may take a while to get to, but once there, if you love Christmas, you will not be disappointed. The Christmas Village is now a world-renowned Christmas tradition that is visited by thousands of guests every year. My advice would be to plan accordingly, dress warmly, and once again, get the hot cocoa.





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